Major repair of “Belomorska” boulevard and “Rodopska” street, “Belomorski” residential area, Plovdiv

The project includes implementation of the following activities:

1) Major repair of “Belomorska” street in the section from “Dimitar Talev” street to the bus roundabout of bus stop № 1014 by Public Transport Management Centre Plovdiv /MGOT Plovdiv/” -demolition of the old and construction of new road construction, curbs, sidewalks, installation of vertical signs and horizontal road markings, replacement of plumbing, construction of sewerage and sewage connections for new street drains and replacement of the existing, construction of infiltration system, construction of new pipe channel network for underground electric communications. 

2) Major repair of “Rodopska” street – construction of road construction, curbs, construction of sewerage and sewage connections and street drains.

Implementation period – August-October 2015

Contract value – 998 618.25 BGN incl. VAT