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“PATISHTA PLOVDIV“ completed the work on the additional construction activities on project “CONSTRUCTION OF “MARITSA” HIGHWAY, LOT 1 AND 2“


“Patishta Plovdiv” is a contractor in the contract for additional construction works on site “Maritsa” highway, Lot 1. Three separate sub-sites have been fulfilled as part of the contract in the region “Orizovo – Dimitrovgrad” from km 5 + 000 to km 36 + 400.

Upon execution of the contract between “Road Infrastructure” Agency and “Patishta Plovdiv” AD, construction works were carried out in connection with the implementation of the following sub-sites:

Sub-site I: “Stabilization of the field basis under the embankments and the layers of Zone B”, within which the following activities have been implemented: – Chemical stabilization of the level excavation bottom – Mechanical stabilization – Chemical stabilization of layers of Zone “B”

Sub-site II: Strengthening the slopes of the excavations” which included: – Strengthening of slopes – Construction of a strengthening concrete wall – Construction of a coated safety trench – Construction of drainage ribs and Zone “A”

Sub-site III: Design and construction of facilities, ensuring the passage of drainage channel crossing the route of “Maritsa” highway at km 26 + 070”. – Construction of a culvert with a length of 44 m at km 26+072 – Construction of a pipe culvert f1000 with a length of 27 m on agricultural road at km 0 + 264, crossing “Maritsa” highway at km 26 +000 – Construction of a retaining wall with a length of 50 m of two rows of gabions on agricultural road, crossing “Maritsa” highway at km 26 +000.

The construction supervision is carried out by “T7/SNIK”.

The site is part of Pan-European Transport Corridor № IV. The route of Lot 1 has a total length of 31.4 km and a gauge of A-28 m. The design speed for this section is 120 km/h.

The implementation of the activities under the three sub-sites will contribute to the overall implementation of the project “Construction of “Maritsa” highway Lot 1 and 2” and its successful completion, which in its turn will lead to a significant improvement of the travel conditions and safety enhancement, as well as the reduction of travel time.

The total value of the project “Construction of “Maritsa” highway Lot 1 and 2” is € 200 267 950, as the funds are provided by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through OP “Transport” 2007-2013, Priority axis 2 “Development of road infrastructure along the Trans-European and major national transport axes”.