Repair of Tsarigradsko shose Blvd. In the section from the overpassSkobeleva Mayka” (including) to the junction with Osvobozhdenie Blvd. in three subsites.

I subsite: Major repairs of the overpass “Skobeleva Mayka” and its retaining walls The facility has 2 lanes of 7.5 m, outer sidewalk of 1.5 m and internal dividing strip of 1.5 m. Length 137 m, length of the retaining walls 133 m and 231 m. In the facility removed are compromised pavements, railings and elastic fence, applied is new layer of reinforced concrete (240 m3), new sidewalks (530 m3) are built, a new crossbeam is built at the foundations and seismic buffers are installed. Installed are new railings and elastic fence with a total length of 4000 m. Streetlights are completely replaced.   The cost of the repair is 2 351 903.85 BGN with VAT  II subsite: Current repairs of Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. in the section from the overpass Skobeleva Mayka” to the junction with Osvobozhdenie Blvd.. Section with length of 1260 m, with two lanes with an average gauge of 10.5 m and a total area of 32,350 m2. Repair works include milling, patching with bituminised ballast, laying of reinforcing grids and complete asphalting of the lanes with two layers of asphalt-concrete – 4 cm of thick asphalt concrete and 4 cm of incompact asphalt concrete. Restoring horizontal markings. Total cost of the repair is 1 424 446.95 BGN with VAT III subsite: Construction of lane for left turn from Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. to Osvobozhdenie Blvd. The repair involves demolishing of curbs, excavation works, building of complete construction of the road, laying of incompact asphalt concrete 4 cm and thick asphalt concrete 4 cm – the total area is 955 m2. Displacement of the electric poles and adding of traffic lights is planned. Total cost – 124 041.26 BGN with VAT.