Rehabilitation of road sections: Smolyan – Mihalkovo – Krichim, Pamporovo – (Smolyan – Stoykite) and on the road Rudozem- Smilyan”

Period of project implementation: July-September 2015

The project is divided into three lots:

Section 1: Road III-866 Smolyan – Mihalkovo- Krichim from km 17+600 to km 20+100 and from km 22+490 to km 26+490

Section 2: Road IІІ-8641 Pamporovo – /Smolyan-Stoykite/ from km 0+000 to km 11+350.73

Section 3: Road IІІ-8681 Rudozem- Smilyan from km 0+000 to km 8+431

Major construction activities included in the implementation of project activities:

Earth and asphalt works

Repair of pavement and roadbed

Repair of large facilities

Reinforcing of road embankment with volume-gratings

Construction of retaining and reinforced walls